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    Design of Corrugated Box

    We are suppliers of corrugated carton boxes, printed & unprinted boxes box, from Cambodia. Gin Hua Carton Co.,Ltd. provides your products the innovative shell of protection so that you deliver the best to your valuable customers.

    Fiber board

    Fiber board (Corrugated Board) is made from a recyclable source, is paper based, environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and fully bio-degradable. It is generally made of three pieces of paper bonded together with a starch based adhesive and with the middle layer of paper being corrugated (fluted) which gives the end product its strength. The three most common types of corrugated are "Open Face" board where there is one layer of paper, on top of which a fluted paper is placed. Secondly, "Single Wall" corrugated, which is a board made from an inner paper, a fluting paper and an outer paper. Thirdly, there is "Double Wall" corrugated board, which as its names suggests, is made up by bonding one Single Walls & one Open Face again with Starch Based Adhesive. And further it goes on by adding numbers of Open Faces for making “Triple Wall”, and so on.

    Carton boxes

    We make a wide variety of styles in an unlimited range of sizes. This page is designed to educate you about what is available from Gin Hua Carton Co.,Ltd and Distribution, your any size, any quantity. If you do not see just what you need, call us anyhow. We enjoy challenging projects and look forward to working with you.?